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The history and the origin of the custom 'Celebration of the 60th birthday' have been brought together on this site. The sexagenary cycle The age of man is said, and 61 years old a count year is indicated usually. It became from a round of the sexagenary cycle in '60, and the return to year's born getting like "The 60th birthday". Moreover, in old times, 70-year-old congratulation continuing 'Celebration of the 70th birthday' is living of [naga] ..sweeping as much as 60 years old of 70-foolish years old "The 60th birthday".. from Muromachi Period. Therefore, there seems to have been an age when the long life had been celebrated from 40 years old every ten years in ancient China, too. After the custom was handed to Japan, and it took win a new fresh gradually, the custom of congratulating 70 years old of ten years after the 60th birthday remained. "Old" of "The 70th birthday" reads, old "Old" and "Rare" are "Rare", and is a mind of an unusual thing that not is. "The 70th birthday" is "Long life like unusual. " in a word. This is based on the following passage in the Chinese poem of "[Kyokue]" of the poet and Du Fu in China of old. The 60th birthday "Return to the calendar when born" becomes a big turning point of the life. The usual thanks were put from becoming to around and the 2nd life at time when the mandatory retirement was faced the transition stage, and it came to congratulate it. To a present only of a lifetime in the ordinary one ‥ The one that it remains in memories there is an after all special surprise. Will you congratulate a longtime gratitude as an event in the family?Know the history and the origin by all means when you present the present, and the congratulation ..hearty.. pleased. For the references of the present of being in celebration of the 60th birthday the the 60th birthday congratulation of the presentation to the suitable gift and the greeting and the woman of celebration of the 60th birthday and the present of being the the 60th birthday congratulation of the presentation to father, etc.

当サイトでは新しい人生の門出、長寿祝いの習慣『還暦祝い』の歴史や由来についてまとめています。還暦(かんれき)とは、干支(十干十二支)が一巡し、起算点となった年の干支にふたたび戻ること。通常は人間の年齢について言い、数え年61歳(生まれ年に60を加えた年)を指します。60年で干支が一回りして、生まれた年のえとに戻ることから、”還暦”というようになりました。 また、室町時代から続く70歳のお祝い『古希祝い』は、昔は70歳おろか「還暦」の60歳すらもそうとうな長生き。そのため、古代中国では40歳から10年ごとに長寿を祝っていた時代もあったようです。その習慣が日本にも伝わり、次第に寿命が延びていった後も、還暦後10年目の70歳を祝う習慣は残りました。「古希」の「古」は、古来の「古」、「希」は「まれ」と読み、めったにはない珍しいことの意。つまり「古希」とは、「珍しいほどの長生き」ということです。これは、古の中国の詩人・杜甫の「曲 江」という漢詩の中の次の一節に基づいています。「生まれたときの暦に還る」という還暦は、人生の大きな節目となります。定年退職を迎える時期にもあたり、第二の人生への転換期となることから、日頃の感謝を込めて、お祝いをするようになりました。一生に一度きりのプレゼントにありきたりのものでは・・やっぱり特別なサプライズがあったほうが思い出に残るもの。長年の感謝の気持ちを御家族で、イベントとしてお祝いをしませんか?プレゼントを贈るさいには是非歴史や由来を知って、心のこもった喜ばれるお祝いを。還暦祝いにぴったりのプレゼントや還暦祝いの挨拶や女性に贈る還暦祝いのプレゼントや父に贈る還暦祝いのプレゼントなどの参考に。